Friday, February 3, 2012

03/10/01 Flipp/ The Hawaii Show @ The Cabooze, Minneapolis, MN

Flipp/The Hawaii Show
@ The Cabooze, Minneaplis, MN

03/10/01 Flipp/Hawaii Show @ Minneapolis, MN (Ad)

03/10/01 Flipp/Hawaii Show @ Minneapolis, MN (Ticket)
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9 years ago today a few friends and I headed into Minneapolis for another night of rock and roll debaunchery with those crazy sick fucks known as Flipp. This time the venue was The Cabooze, a place I've only seen a handful of shows at over the years. The opening act was a "band" called the Hawaii Show. Apparently they are some kind of "Air-Guitar Lip-Sync" thing. My friends and I couldn't figure out if they were being serious or if it was some sort of bad joke - but whatever it was they were doing was confusing and horrible. We couldn't wait for them to get off the stage. They eventually finished up and a while later Flipp finally took the stage, much to the appreciation of their loyal local fans. When I think back on the many Flipp concerts that I attended, almost a decade ago now, I really wish there was more video floating around out there on the net from some of these shows - they were always an amazingly talented and fun band to watch. There is SOME video out there, (mostly archived on the official Flipp website, but I know there's gotta be more - hopefully it will surface some day. - end (NYCDreamin)

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