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05/23-24/98 EdgeFest 5 @ Float-Rite Park, Somerset, WI

05/23 - 24/98 EdgeFest 5 @ Floatrite Amphitheatre, Somerset, WI
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05/23 - 24/98
EdgeFest 5
/W/ Green Day/Mighty Mighty Bosstones/ The Specials/ Sabbing Westward/ Soul Asylum/ Scott Weiland's Action Girls/ Ben Folds Five/ Candlebox/ The Crystal Method/ Alana Davis and Drew Zing/ Sister Hazel/ Cornership/ Superdrag/ Spacehog/Flipp/More
@ Float-Rite Park, Somerset, WI

05/23 - 24/98 EdgeFest 5 @ Floatrite Amphitheatre, Somerset, WI
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Clone Me/ Bleed/ Hairdo/ Oh Yeah/ I Wish I Was A Planet/ Half A Brain/ Times Of My Life
*Flipp's performance of "Times of My Life" at EdgeFest 5 appears as a bonus track on the "Flipp Live at EdgeFest 1997" DVD. (see below).

05/23 - 24/98 EdgeFest 5 @ Floatrite Amphitheatre, Somerset, WI

05/23 - 24/98 EdgeFest 5 @ Floatrite Amphitheatre, Somerset, WI

-Festival review - no Flipp mention.
"Edgefest 5: The Good, The Bad, The Muddy"
by John Beam, Minneapolis Star Tribune (Date N/A)
(Content via
SOMERSET, WIS. -- Nearly 22 hours of music from 28 bands over two days. A day of ideal weather, then morning rain and plenty of mud. Not enough sleep, too much beer. More than 31,000 people, sending at least $45,000 to a dozen Minnesota charities. And just how
was Edgefest 5?

Here's a look back at the good, the bad and the muddy of the two-day rock festival, which ended Sunday. The sign that read "No body surfing/No slam dancing" didn't stop anyone in front of the stage at Edgefest. Expect the unexpected: Pop singer Alana Davis, a veteran of Lilith Fair who is scheduled for the H.O.R.D.E. fest this summer, and sideman Drew Zing injected some jazzy guitar work into Edgefest early Sunday -- a welcome relief after 11 hours of testosterone rock Saturday. Sister Hazel did a Southern-fried cover of -- go figure -- Fleetwood Mac's "Gold Dust Woman," and Green Day did an Ozzy Osbourne song. Oh, every guitar-dominated rock band has probably done an Ozzy song at one time or another.

Festival Behavior 101: On Sunday, both Cornershop, a stoic British band, and the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, a frenetic Boston group, counseled the festivalgoers about their behavior. "If there's no decorum," said Cornershop singer Tjinder Singh, "there's no show." A Frisbee had been aimed at one of the seated sitar players. Later, in midsong, Singh had to dodge a roll of toilet paper tossed at him. Bosstones singer Dicky Barrett confronted the revelers after his first song.
"If I get hurt, you get hurt," he said. "So throw all your toilet paper at once. I need this at home." Well, at least no one hurled mud at the stage. (Law-enforcement authorities reported Sunday night that scores of concertgoers did suffer injuries through the weekend, but all were minor.)

Ska special: The juxtaposition of the Specials and the Bosstones gave Edgefest-goers an education in Ska. The Specials were part of a British ska movement, starting in 1979, mixing punk with Jamaican reggae. The Bosstones are part of a late-'90s U.S. ska explosion, along with such hitmakers as No Doubt and Save Ferris. The Boss tones were more urgent and frenzied but no more -- or less -- fun than the Specials.

Drummer wanted: Stabbing Westward's drummer, Andy Kubiszewski, broke his collarbone roller-blading Thursday night, and the band had to pull out of its Saturday Edgefest slot. Soul Asylum used drummer Charlie Quintana, formerly with Bob Dylan and JoanOsborne, Wednesday on "The Late Show with David Letterman." On Sunday at Edgefest, the Minneapolis group used British drummer Ian Moshington, who has been on board for a half-dozen gigs and appears destined for the permanent slot.

Not your flavor of the month: Except for Green Day and Soul Asylum , most of the nationally known Edgefest bands were pretty much of the flavor-of-the-month variety. Forget about these one-hit wonders; it was the veterans who gave the most galvanizing performances. Like Beck's show at Edgefest 4, Green Day's over-the-top set Saturday may rank as the most
unforgettable rock performance of the year. And Soul Asylum , mixing new material with such old radio favorites as "Black Gold," "Somebody to Shove" and "Misery," reminded the hometown folks how to put punch in pop and to rock with spirit and abandon (a cover of Wyclef Jean's "Gone Till November" and the unreleased "Candy from a Stranger," a falsetto-funk meets muscular metal).

Try a new flavor: After opening with "Tumble in the Rough" by the Stone Temple Pilots (his old band), Scott Weiland adopted a bug-eyed, exaggerated Bowiesque persona to play some glam-rock with his new group, the Action Girls, featuring the slashing guitar of Daniel Lanois, producer extraordinaire. Then Crystal Method, a duo from Las Vegas, introduced Edgefesters to
pulsating, pulverizing electronica, accompanied by a spectacular light show -- dance music for a new generation." - end

Update: 02/09/13
Houston, we have video!
Flipp's final song of the day, "Times Of My Life," filmed from the center of the action in front of the stage.

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