Friday, February 3, 2012

05/24-25/02 93X-Fest 2002 @ Float-Rite Park, Somerset, WI

05/24 - 25/02
93X-Fest 2002

/w/ Kid Rock/ Incubus/ Hoobastank/Sevendust/ Hatebreed/ Flipp/ Reville/ Gravity Kills/ Cold/ Injected/ Static-X/ Coal Chamber/ Papa Roach/ Quarashi/ The Aphex Theory/ Earshot/ Switched/ Sinistar/ Skywind/ Janis Figure/ Phantom Planet/ Revilee/ Injected/ Sunset Black/ Secretly Drowning/ Deadsy/ Black Flood Diesel/ 40 Below Summer/ Audiovent/ Sinistar/ Noise Therapy

@ Float-Rite Park, Somerset, WI

City Pages Ad #1
05/24 & 25/02 93XFest 2002, Somerset, WI
*Both Ads artwork designed by - Kii Arens

Clone Me/ Cock Rock/ Rock Star/ Freak/ Hairdo/ Half A Brain/ Brynn's Back In Black Outro

City Pages Ad #2
05-24&25-02 93XFest @ Somerset, WI (City Pages Ad)(Art - Kii Arens)
(Ad Images via NYCDreamin Archives)

From: Flickr user "overrailing"

Flipp on Stage at 93X-Fest 2002
X-Fest 2002

The crowd during Flipp's set.
X-Fest 2002

2002 93XFest T-Shirt (Front)

Xfest 2002 Tshirt detail (front above) & (reverse - below).
(Derek Lundell Collection)

2002 93XFest T-Shirt (Reverse)

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