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07/02/01 Everclear/ American Hi-Fi/ Mayfield Four/ Flipp @ Salt Air Pavillion, Salt Lake City, UT

Everclear/ American Hi-Fi/ Mayfield Four/ Flipp
@ Salt Air Pavillion, Salt Lake City, UT

Clone Me/ Cock Rock/ Rockstar/ Half A Brain/ Back In Black

*Brynn and Freaky join Everclear for encore jam of David Bowie's "Suffragette City."

*Everclear Off Key But Still Flashy
by Scott Iwasaki
(Via Deseret
Published: Tuesday, July 3 2001

EVERCLEAR, with AMERICAN HI-FI, MAYFIELD FOUR and FLIPP, in concert, Saltair; Monday, July 2, 7 p.m.; one performance only.

Everclear lead singer/guitarist Art Alexakis told the hot and sweaty crowd in Saltair that his band "never had a bad show in Salt Lake City."

That was until last night.

While the energy and attitude was right on the money, the sound — especially Alexakis' voice — was off. From the moment the band hit the stage and did a cover of Van Morrison's "Brown Eyed Girl," Alexakis' voice was hoarse and way off — by 2 1/2 notes.

But that didn't stop the audience from enjoying the concert, which featured a decent — and flashy — light show.

"Summerland," from the band's debut album "Sparkle and Fade," and a new tune, "When It All Goes Wrong Again," from the latest album "Songs from an American Movie Vol. 2," were a couple of out-of-tune crowd favorites, as was the short and sweet acoustic number "Song From an American Movie Part I." (No, not ". . .Vol. 1").

While the core band is still the same — Alexakis, bassist Craig Montoya and drummer Greg Eklund — it has expanded with another guitarist, a keyboardist and a percussionist.

Those extra musicians filled out the sounds on such digitally enhanced works as "Wonderful" and "A.M. Radio." While Alexakis struggled to be heard over the distorted cranking, Eklund's drumming was solid, as were Montoya's bass lines.

"I Will Buy You a New Life" and "Father of Mine," both from the band's second album "So Much for the Afterglow," were welcomed with a slew of body surfers and mosh pits. And then the classic "Strawberry," and the band's breakthrough single "Santa Monica," had the audience in an uproar.

By the end of the evening, Alexakis had a bucketload of fans on stage bouncing, swiveling and dancing to "Rock Star" . . . what a fitting way to finish the show.

The opening bands — Flipp, Mayfield Four and American Hi Fi — tried their best to get the Everclear-thirsty crowd into a frenzy. While Flipp, with its combination of Cheap Trick and Batman's Joker routine, plucked out some furious tunes, Mayfield Four found itself plagued with technical problems from the get-go, When American Hi Fi, took the stage, the audience began to show some response.

Still, Saltair was filled with Everclear fans. And that showed, especially when the crowd screamed for more as Alexakis' voice began to . . . ahem . . . "sparkle and fade." - end

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