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07/29/01 Everclear/ American Hi-Fi/ Mayfield Four/ Flipp @ Sunbowl, Anaheim, CA

Everclear/ American Hi-Fi/ Mayfield Four/ Flipp
@ Sunbowl, Anaheim, CA

*Show was originaly scheduled to take place at San Bernardino, CA.

Setlist (partial):
Half A Brain (with Art Alexakis from Everclear)

Image © Vaughn Youtz Photography - used with kind permission.

Image © Vaughn Youtz Photography - used with kind permission.

*The following concert review by Dawn Greer is "undated" and may NOT be from this show. But, through some research, I found mention in the "Freaky Useless Summer Tour 2001 Road Diary" of Everclear bassist Craig Montoya having his head shaved into a mohawk on this particular evening, as is mentioned in the following review as well. Craig's new mohawk is also mentioned at length in the second, uncredited review that follows Greer's.

Flipp/The Mayfield Four/American Hi Fi/Everclear
by: Dawn Greer
Submitted to Rolling Stone and Hit Parader

Flipp was the opening band and went on way too early. They went on every night before 7pm, so unfortunately the band did not have as much crowd reaction as they should have. A lot more people need to see this band. They are highly amusing. Flipp catches the audience with their songs such as "Cock in Your Rock," "Mr. Potato Head," and "Hairdo" among others. The band has some similarities to various bands such as Faster Pussycat, the Ramones, Kiss, and Alice Cooper.

Flipp's stage presence and antics are highly abnormal. Let's describe the characters: Brynn Arens, singer/guitar player has bright yellow bleach blonde hair, his face is painted half white and half black with bright red lipstick on his face and he wears a black and white pinstriped suit. Freaky Useless, the bass player wears a black leather outfit and has a purple mohawk and has a jetpack on his back which shoots out flames during select songs. Chia Karaoke, guitar player is bald and wears big oversized sunglasses. Kilo Bale, the drummer has bright green hair and is reminiscent of Kurt Cobain from Nirvana.

Once Flipp hits the stage you can't help but laugh and clap along to their songs. The band definitely has crowd reaction. They bring up a girl onstage during one of their songs and she gets to play guitar and sing and Arens makes her a part of the set. Flipp is one band who we are sure to see a lot more of in the future. They are definitely a band you will want to check out if they come to your city. They just got signed to Art from Everclear's new label.

Flipp can always be seen watching the other bands and you can always get a chance to talk to them. They are really good to their fans. Be sure and buy their CD and check out

The second band of the evening The Mayfield Four took the stage and got the crowd all pumped up. The Mayfield Four have been through enormous changes over the past three years since their first CD was released on Epic Records. The band fired guitarist Craig Johnson and remained a threesome adding Alessandro Cortini to play guitar during the tour. The band also fired their former manager and changed producers and mixers to add a different type of sound for their second release "Second Skin."

The Mayfield Four was handpicked by Everclear to tour with them due to the fact that Art and Craig from Everclear grew up in Portland and the Mayfield Four were from Spokane and Seattle, pretty close to each other, so both bands knew each other before either of them were signed to a major label.

The Mayfield Four singer Myles Kennedy, who will be appearing in the upcoming movie Rock Star in September, hit the stage belting out songs from their Second Skin CD. He sang songs that caught the audiences eye such as "Sick and Wrong," "Lyla," "Loose Cannon," and their first single "Eden Turn the Page." The band also did a cover of the Who song "Baba O' Reily."

Bassist Marty Meisner and drummer Zia Uddin really put their all into every song. They looked a lot like they were their to make music and entertain the crowd. Meisner moved around a lot, and he and traveling guitarist Cortini made magic chemistry onstage together. It is always good to see band members smiling and communicating to the audience while they are playing. Uddin pounded the drums and his talents were fully spotlighted by the crowd's response. He looked like Animal from The Muppet Show.

Meisner and Uddin are a highly composed rhythm spectacle, and Kennedy steps up to the microphone and belts through his repertoire frequently reaching deep into his heart to find a note, his eyes constantly scanning the crowd.

One thing that set the Mayfield Four apart from the other bands was that they always came out after their set and signed autographs at their merchandise booth. They signed everything fans wanted and stayed until everyone who was there got an autograph. You did not have to win a contest or have a backstage pass to meet the band. The band always made sure to sign stuff no matter how tired they were. Too bad more bands don't follow suit, especially since it is the fans who support the band by buying tickets to the shows and CDs and merchandise.

The only complaint anyone could say about the Mayfield Four was some technical sound difficulties, but other then that the crowd surely got their fair share of hard core edgy rock and roll. A band that surely everyone will see more of in the future.

Next up in the evening was American Hi Fi. Boston based American Hi Fi had the crowd singing a long and waving their hands after the very first song. They have an amazing way of getting fans involved in their set. Most of the younger fans were there with their parents and you could tell people were there to see them.

Everyone waited to hear their single which has gotten tremendous amounts of airplay "Flavor of the Week." In addition to that song, the band played 45 minutes worth of music from their debut Island Records CD. Songs included "Surround," "Wall of Sound," "Scar," "I'm A. Fool," "Blue Day," "A Bigger Mood," "My Only Enemy," "Another Perfect Day," and "Don't Wait for the Sun."

Singer Stacy Jones and guitar player Jamie Arentzen look like they have been doing this band all of their lives. They mesh so well together. Add the bass playing of Drew Parsons and drumming of Bryan Nolan and you will have a band that will more then likely be doing their own headlining tour by the end of this year. The incredible energy this band displays onstage is what more bands need to imitate. The face gestures and the expressions combined with the powerful rhytym section are what sets this band apart. the band has massive potential. A fourty-five minute set is just not long enough. This band could play two hours and have a crowd wanting more.

The headlining band of the tour Everclear finally made their appearance and the audience went nuts. This is what the crowd was waiting for all night long. Basically Everclear has been around for quite some time and has many hit songs, which the audience really wanted to hear. They started out playing newer songs and then went into old and new favorites such as " AM Radio", "Wonderful", "Rockstar", "You Make Me Feel Like A Whore", "Strawberry", "Everything to Everyone", "I Will Buy You A New Life", "Father of Mine", among many.

The audience was in for quite a surprise when Criag Montoya, the bass player hit the stage....he was sporting a brand new red mohawk, courteousy of his tourmate Freaky Useless of Flipp. Still the audience was in awe at their set. Singer Art Alexakis and drummer Greg Eklund along with Montoya poured their energy into their hour and a half set.

The band got audience participation towards the end when they brought many people onstage and had them sing along. Alexakis actually was quite rude to this one girl. She had told him he had embarrassed her and he said something to her like "Bitch I don't care if I embarrassed you I am here to rock and roll." Still the audience did not mind and the show was a huge success.

Overall the bands were well worth the money people pay to see them. Four amazing bands and four bands who know how to rock a crowd. -end

07/29/01 Everclear/Etc. Anaheim Concert Review
by (Unknown)

I have to say that this show wasn’t quite as good as Saturday’s show. It’s not Everclear’s fault at all though. I felt like the audience wasn’t quite as good as the one in La Jolla, regardless of what the lead singer of American Hi-Fi might say (he said that the La Jolla audience sucked and the Anaheim one was better). In La Jolla, everyone was jumping around and moshing and crowd surfing and just seemed to be having such a great time while in Anaheim people kinda just stood there and only really jumped around when Art told them to. I was in the second row the whole time which was pretty cool.

I did enjoy Flipp a lot more this time around though. They were a lot of fun and I think that the sound was better for them than in La Jolla. During Flipp’s set, Art came out and started playing the beginning of Santa Monica just for fun and then they all did part of Cat Scratch Fever. That was a nice surprise. Of course Craig was on the side taking pictures so hopefully they’ll be up on the official site soon.

Mayfield 4 and American Hi-Fi were about the same as in La Jolla. I really enjoyed Everclear’s show, regardless of the crowd’s lack of enthusiasm. They played all the same songs that were played in La Jolla. They actually seemed to be having a better time. Craig got a Mohawk! It is so awesome. It was funny because he did it right before they went on. When he was out taking pictures during Flipp he still had the same hairstyle as before but when they came out he had the Mohawk. It really surprised me. Everyone from Everclear kept making fun of him the whole night. Art patted it and then drew his hand away as if he was in pain and went ’ow!’. And then during Strawberry Greg came up to do backup vocals with Craig and he put his hand on top of his head with all his fingers sticking out, like he was trying to imitate Craig’s Mohawk. Also, at the beginning of Santa Monica Craig and Art and Davey were all lined up and they were moving their guitars back and forth at the same time and both Art and Davey were doing the same thing with their hands that Greg had been doing during Strawberry. It was very funny. I was standing right in front of Craig the whole time and during one song (I believe it was Wonderful) he saw me looking at him and he smiled at me! It was such a beautiful thing ; ).

I also got a Craig pick though it wasn’t given to me by him. After the show was over there were still some left on his microphone so a crew guy just handed the rest of them out. So now I have that one and the Art one I got in La Jolla on a necklace. I got Davey water! At the end of the show he threw out an open bottle of water and some of it splashed on me. That’s pretty much the highlights of the whole night. I’m probably a little biased because of the great time and all the great things that happened to me in La Jolla (you can read that review too on my site) but I just felt that it wasn’t quite as good. Don’t get me wrong, I was by no means disappointed in Everclear’s performance. I just wish that the crowd would have been a little more enthusiastic. -end

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