Friday, February 3, 2012

11/14/00 Flipp "Blow It Out your Ass" CD Release/In-Store Appearance @ Best Buy, Richfield, MN

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11/14/00 Flipp @ Richfield, MN (Ad)

Flipp "Blow It Out Your Ass" CD Release/In-Store Appearance
@ Best Buy, Richfield, MN

Clone Me/ Hairdo/ Psycho Babble/ I Wish I Was A Planet/ Half A Brain

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11-14-00 Flipp BIOYA CD Release @ Best Buy, Richfield, MN (Ad 2)
(Image via NYCDreamin Archives)

This was the first time I ever saw Flipp in concert - it was a free show at the Best Buy in Richfield, MN to celebrate the release of the band's (then) new CD titled "Blow It Out Your Ass." A co-worker of mine had been telling me for some time thet I HAD to go see this band he roadied for. I finally made it out to see them and when they came out and started to play I immediately regretted never having seen them previously...they were amazing. They sounded kind of like the Sex Pistols and Cheap Trick got thrown into a blender and this is what came out...seriously punk atitude with undeniable pop hooks. They immediately rose from an unknown (to me) entity to the position of one of my favorite bands, a position they still hold even now, several years after their final live shows. I was also excited to see their manager, former Kiss manager Bill Aucoin, was at the show. I din't get to meet him on this occasion, but I would soon enough, and that was pretty cool for an old Kiss fan like myself. This show was only a short preview of what was to be the "official" CD release party on November 25th, and since they were in a retail store, the level of chaos and debaunchery that usually accompanied the band's live set was kept to a minimum. -end (NYCDreamin)

On 11/13/00, Flipp made an appearance on the 93X-FM Morning Show to promote their in-store show at Best Buy in Richfield the following afternoon. The audio of that radio show has recently surfaced and we have it here for you Crazy Sick Fuckers!

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