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12/16/00 Flipp @ CD Warehouse, Burnsville, MN

@ CD Warehouse, Burnsville, MN

12/16/00 Flipp @ CD Warehouse - Burnsville, MN (Ad)
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Flipp gave a free concert at the music store "CD Warehouse" in Burnsville - an early Christmas present of sorts for their Minneapolis/St. Paul area fans. Overnight there had been a heavy snowfall which continued on throughout the morning and by around noon there was about 6-8 inches of fresh, heavy wet snow to deal with. I thought maybe the show would be cancelled, so I called CDWarehouse and was assured that the show would go on no matter how shitty the weather got. So "337" and I bundled up and headed for Burnsville, ready to rock 'n' roll.

When we arrived around 1:00pm we were surprised to see that quite a few other people had braved the horrid road conditions and had already arrived as well. The band were busy setting up their equipment at the far end of the cramped store as people continued to arrive and pack into the extremely small store. I could hardly believe they were gonna play in this space but it promised to be fun and interesting. When it was time for them to play they came out and BLASTED. I thought maybe since it was in the store, and since it was in a mini-mall and there were other businesses on either side of the place they would keep the volume to a respectful level (whatever that is) - but no, the band cranked it up and were quite loud. Loud enough that at one point a guy came in from the store next door and reported they were knocking stuff of his shelves! Cool!

They performed their usual set of high-energy rock-punk originals to probably about one hundred people jammed into the small store and we were all having a blast. It was a great way to spend a few hours on a cold, snowy afternoon. After they finished they hung out for a while, meeting fans and friends and signing autographs and handing out the most recent set of promotional "Flipp Trading Cards." Soon it was time to go back out into the weather and brave to roads for the drive home. - end (NYCDreamin)

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