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12/28/97 Flipp's Teenage Rampage @ First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN (Updated!)

12/28/97 Flipp's Teenage Rampage /w/ Greazy Meal/ Detroit/ Druel @ First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN (Ad 1)
(Images via: Grant Lindberg Collection & NYCDreamin Archives)

Flipp's Teenage Rampage
Flipp/Greazy Meal/Detroit/Druel/Berkshire/Avenue
@ First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN

She Cloned Me/ Bleed/ I Don't Care/ La De Da/ Lies/ Hairdo/ Heat Miser/ Hairdo (Reprise)/ Schizo Boy/ I Wish I Was A Planet/ Half A Brain/ Times Of My Life

Press Release
Teenage Rampage Press Release

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Teenage Rampage Ad #1

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12/28/97 Flipp's Teenage Rampage /w/ Greazy Meal/ Detroit/ Druel @ First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN (Ad 2)

1997-12-28 Teenage Rampage Ticket

12/28/97 Flipp Teenage Rampage @ First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN (Star Tribune Events)

1997-12-28 Teenage Rampage Backstage Pass

12/28/97 Flipp Teenage Rampage @ First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN (Berkshire Flyer)

Show Reviews (archived at

*From: Mike R.
"This was a special all ages concert meant for teenagers which started at 3:00 in the afternoon on Sunday December 28th. The first to play were the band Avenue. They had been selected out of the 30+ teenage band entries to open the show. There weren't very many people in attendance when Avenue played. They were mostly friends and family of the band. They were a 4 piece grungy band with mostly power cords but they really rocked. I wish more people would have seen them play because they were really good. They played about 5 songs or so.
The next band to play was Druel. They were a heavy band. The bass playing was especially good. It was a kind of scratch guitar. The vocals lacked power though. They were mostly sung quietly with heavy music in the background. The chorus' were screamed however. A good band other than the bad vocal balance.

Detroit played after Druel. They were a very weird band. The lead singer/bassist was dressed in orange, fuzzy chaps. The keyboardist was wearing black leather. The drummer stood at the front of the stage with a 3 piece drumset. The bassist wore dinosaur pajamas with green spikes on them. The crowd did not like them very much and I don't blame them. They only played a few songs because they realized that they weren't wanted. At the end of their set they destroyed the light up sign which said Detroit on the stage. They also had some pyrotechnics at the end of the show which was really awesome, unfortunately they were just a bit to weird, and their music was not very enjoyable.

Then Greazy Meal played. They are a really talented group and I enjoy listening to them for a few songs but they get kind of repetitive after awhile. Maybe it's because I've seen them a few times before. They put on a good show though and everyone loved them.
I could feel the excitement rising as we waited for Flipp to take the stage. When they finally arrived, the place erupted!!! After the customary, "Hello all you sickfuckers!!" the band ripped into "She Cloned Me". Everyone was jumping around and really getting into the show. The band played Bleed, Heatmiser(new), Hairdo, Schizo Boy, Ladeeda(new), Lies(new), I Wish I Was a Planet, Half A Brain, and others. The new songs sounded great. Hopefully we will be seeing them on the new album.

The last song was, of course, Times Of My Life. During the song people (including me) were jumping onto the stage and stage diving. It really rocked. They pushed a huge balloon into the crowd and it popped, showering us with cereal. The place was littered with cereal and Flipp completed the show by letting a guy on stage to play Brynn's guitar. Then Brynn did his drum/guitar thing and Brynn thanked the audience in his customary phrase, "Thanks for having us!!"
After the show they showed up at the table that they were selling t-shirts and CD's at and talked with all the fans. It was great. I left First Ave. that day with all four of their autographs, my face caked with cereal dust, and the sounds of Flipp still ringing in my ears.

*From: BeanerI sat upstairs at the Teenage Rampage show last year. I'm a little too old to be out there on the florr with all of those punks, although it looked pretty damn fun. (Plus I needed to be near the booz!) I love Flipp and see them everytime they play in the TCities. I just love their brand of music and the show they put on. Nobody does it like them anymore. I think the first Rampage show was one of Freaky's first gigs and I remember thinking this guy fit the band like a glove. He didn't miss a beat. As far as the rest of the band goes, they kicked it like usual. The coolest thing about Flipp is that you can see them a million times and you're always guaranteed something new and cooler than the time before. They played new songs last year and I can't wait to hear the new ones this year. Hearing new Flipp songs is so great because it's not like some bands where you have to hear them on the CD a few times to get it, you now? When Flipp blasts out a new tune, you get it right now man. They deliver it and it kills ya. I love that! I'm really stoked to hear them this year. I saw them at Cedarfest and they played some new songs that really fucked killed. Like Wow and I think they played Oh Yeah Uhhuh too. Awesome song and really a awesome video. I saw it recently at First Avenue. That video really captures what Flipp is about minus the sweat blood sparkles and booze of their live show. Oh yeah, back to last year's show. In my personal opinion, I'm really happy about the other band's on this year's bill. Don't get me wrong, I'd sit through the Spice Girls, Hanson, Matchbox 20 and Dave Matthew to see Flipp, but it's even cooler when cool bands open for them and this year is great. I love Janis Figure and 12 Rods are pretty cool too. I didn't dig the bands last year too much except for the high school bands. They were pretty green and sloppy but it was so cool to see them getting into it and you could tell how excited they were to be playing the mainroom. Flipp is so cool for giving these bands this chance. They must remember what it's like to be starting out and how hard it is. I used to play in a band and I would have killed for a chance like that. And hey, they did it before Motley Crue did too! Sorry for rambling, I'll go now. Just know this, last year's show kicked some serious ass and this year is going to be even better. I may even watch from downstairs this year. (If I can smuggle a bottle down there) See yall there. FLIPP RULES!"
12/28/97 Flipp Teenage Rampage @ First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN (Set Times List)

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