Sunday, February 5, 2012

Flipp Audio: 1996 Various Artists 'Dressed To Kill: An Independent Tribute To Kiss"

Release Date: 1996
Title: "Dressed To Kill: An Independent Tribute To Kiss"
Various Artsists including:
Razamanaz/ Good Girls Don't/ Bobby Bandiera/ Adrian Dodz/ Fuel/ Glen Evans/ Flipp/ Hotter Than Hell/ Endangered Species/ Fiendz/ Relayer/ Haphazard

Label/Catalog Number: Rock Dream Records RD-9004

*Track 7: Flipp "Love Gun"
* discography states:
"This is an acoustic version of "Love Gun" performed by Brynn and sung by Steven Shearoux of Kik Tracee who was the original singer Brynn was working with when forming FLIPP."

*Nearly impossible to find in its original 1996 format, shown here...

Dressed To Kill (Kiss Tribute CD)(1996) was later re-issued with different cover artwork, shown below:

CD Booklet - front
Dressed To Kill Cover
(Images via Grant Lindberg Collection)

CD Booklet - inside
Dressed To Kill Flipp Info

CD Booklet - back
Dressed To Kill Inside

Dressed To Kill Disc

CD Tray Insert - back and side spines
Dressed to Kill Back

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