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Flipp Audio: 1997 "Flipp" Self Titled Debut Release

Flipp "Flipp" CD (Released: 04/15/97)
(Image via NYCDreamin Archives)
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Release Date: 04/15/97
Artist: Flipp
Title: "Flipp"
Label/Catalog Number: Hollywood Records #HR-62037-2

Track Listing:

1. I Wish I Was A Planet
2. Bleed
3. Another Boring Day
4. All In My Head
5. Schizo Boy
6. I Don't Care
7. Slag
8. Change
9. Unglued
10. Half A Brain
11. Times Of My Life

CD shrinkwrap sticker
Flipp Album Sticker
(Image via G.L. Collection)

CD booklet - front cover - Page 1
Flipp-Flipp CD Booklet (Front)
(All CD Images via NYCDreamin Archives)Autographed CD booklet pages 2-3
Flipp 'Flipp' (1997)(CD Booklet pages 2-3)

Autographed CD booklet pages 4-5
*The autograph is from Freaky Useless, who signed Cherry Forever's page.
Flipp 'Flipp' (1997)(CD Booklet pages 4-5)

CD booklet pages 6-7
Flipp 'Flipp' (1997)(CD Booklet pages 6-7)

Autographed CD booklet pages 8-9
Flipp 'Flipp' (1997)(CD Booklet pages 8-9)

Autographed CD booklet pages 10-11
Flipp 'Flipp' (1997)(CD Booklet pages 10-11)

CD booklet - back cover - page 12
Flipp-Flipp CD Booklet (Back)

Flipp 'Flipp' (1997)(CD)

CD insert-tray graphic (front)
Flipp 'Flipp' (1997)(CD Insert-tray insert front)

CD insert-tray graphic (reverse) and side spines
Flipp 'Flipp' (1997)(CD Insert-tray insert reverse and side spines)

Flipp Debut Album Press Release - Hollywood Records (archived via)

Debut Album Available Now!

"Providing a sneak peek at one of the music industry's most buzzed-about acts, Hollywood Records' Flipp will hit the road. The tour dates will provide many listeners with a first-ever taste of Flipp's demented glam/thrash/pop cocktail.

Led by frontman Brynn Arens, the quartet from Minnesota's twin cities has earned a rabid regional following with its outlandish live performances and off-the-dial humor. Vocalist/ guitarist Arens and his bandmates -- guitarist (and younger brother) "Chia Boy," drummer "Kilo Bale," and bassist "Cherry Forever" -- now take their irreverent rock 'n' roll burlesque on the road.

Their upcoming regional dates mark the latest phase of Flipp's anarchic ascent from Minnesota's shell-shocked womb. Admittedly conceived as a "backlash to shoegazing," Flipp's gonzo aesthetic thrives on an interstellar axis somewhere between Kiss, New York Dolls, Sex Pistols, and Dinosaur Jr. The group's achievements include:
*Being chosen from among thousands of bands to warm up for White Zombie's Detroit-area stadium concert at the Palace of Auburn Hills. The Special "Warming Up the Zombie" event was sponsored and heavily covered by MTV.
*Infiltrating MTV's "120 Minutes" with a cover version of the Who's "My Generation." Flipp's guerrilla-style video -- produced on a budget totaling $5 (this is not a typo) -- landed in the Top 10 of several critics' CMJ VMJ Alternative/Rock video Top 40 lists.
*Performing for more than 30,000 people at a rain-soaked Edgefest concert in Somerset, Wisconsin. "MTV News" broadcast footage of Brynn obliging mud-slinging fans by mooning the audience.
*Contributing the standout track "Half a Brain" to the compilation album "Minnesota Modern Rock: The Pachyderm Sessions" and "Hairdo" to "The Best Of '96 Edge" compilation CD.
Performing a recent "after-school special" in the garage of a contest-winning fan. Flipp blared for 20 minutes before the cops came and broke up the party.

Expect to hear more from Flipp in the coming months. The group's Hollywood Records debut album is available now, accompanied by plenty of the musical mayhem for which Flipp is justifiably renowned."

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