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Flipp Audio: 2002 "I Still Love Rock And Roll" CD Single /W/ Gatefold Bonus Pack

Artist: Flipp
Title: I Still Love Rock 'N' Roll (CD Single/Gatefold Bonus Pack)
Released: 2002

(via Modern-Radio.com)
Official Flipp "I Still Love Rock 'N' Roll" Press Release

"Flipp is now accepting phone interviews. Please e-mail or call me to set up one. Below is their new press release for their new single "I Still Love Rock And Roll."

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"I STILL LOVE ROCK AND ROLL" The new single and video from the Minneapolis rock group, Flipp, says it all.

Flipp's front man and songwriter, Brynn Arens, explains..."We went out on the road and experienced all sorts of shit, and all I can say is the world needs rock and roll now more than ever."

Having been arrested and thrown in jail for dropping a half ton of Fruit Loops on a mob of 50,000 in Chicago and surviving fist fights with the Christian Goth act dujour, Evanescence, as well as bombing a huge festival crowd with 500 feather pillows via helicopter at this years X-Fest (see flippcentral.com for footage), these four merry pranksters of rock have said it all in their new single, "I STILL LOVE ROCK AND ROLL". Flipp is '...moving heavy like a reason to live' just as the lyric states in their sophomore cut which is set for an August 12th release on Artemis Records. "And we fucking mean it." Arens exclaims. Flipp's Rock-N-Roll is the great escape." With this latest single, Flipp invites you on a mental vacation to 'get lost inside the big sound'.

"Art and I wrote that song while on tour last year, and it really sums up what I feel about rock and roll. It's in my blood along with a few illegal substances and I ain't never gonna stop," blasts Arens. "Flipp eats, sleeps, breathes, smokes, drinks, and lives Rock and Roll and we're ready to bring it back to the people. This boring-ass music climate needs a wake-up call, and we've got 100,000 watts of alarm clock to make it happen!"

Flipp will be out on tour to support this single from their record Volume, which spawned last summers Top 40 Rock single "Freak." The record was Co-produced by Arens and Everclear main man, Art Alexakis.

You can check out the new video and single at: http://www.flippcentral.com"

Originally available from FlippCentral.com - the "I Still Love Rock And Roll" CD Single/Bonus Pack: "A full size, full color double LP gatefold record jacket that holds a CD of Flipp's new single “I Still Love Rock -N- Roll”. Also includes the newest trading cards, a Flipp Sticker and a full size, full color I.S.L.R.N.R. poster. WOW! $15.00"

2002 Flipp I Still Love Rock 'N' Roll CD Single/Bonus Pak
(Image via FlippCentral.com)

Also of interest: the "I Still Love Rock And Roll" DVD with two versions of the video and a "making of" bonus featurette...

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