Sunday, February 12, 2012

Flipp Stickers!

Some cool and rare Flipp "Logo" stickers for all you die hard collectors to try and track down...

"Sparkle" Logo - front
Flipp Sticker V2

"Sparkle Logo - reverse
Flipp Sticker Back

"Shaped Logo white/red/orage/yellow - front
Flipp Logo Sticker (Yellow, Orange, Red, White)

"Shaped Logo white/red/orage/yellow - reverse
Flipp Logo Sticker (Yellow-Red-White)(Reverse)

"Shaped Logo white/black/red - front
Flipp Logo Sticker (Red, Black, White)

"Shaped Logo white/black/red - reverse
Flipp Logo Sticker (Red-Black-White)(Reverse)

Color Band Photo sticker - front only - reverse was blank.
Flipp Group Photo Sticker
(Images via NYCDreamin Archives and G.L. Collection)

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