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Flipp Video: 2002 "I Still Love Rock And Roll"

Artist: Flipp
Title: I Still Love Rock And Roll (Promo Video)
Released: 2002


(Video via Youtube user "alceonmusic")

This video was also available as a DVD for purchase from when it was originally released: Flipp's first DVD for their new single “I Still Love Rock -N- Roll.” Features both versions, censored and uncensored and also includes extra footage that didn't make the final cut. Are you there? Order today and find out!" Originally $13.00

2002 Flipp I Still Love Rock 'N' Roll Promo Video DVD
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"I Still Love Rock 'N' Roll" video shoot - Minneapolis, MN
Flipp - I Still Love Rock 'N' Roll Video Shoot (
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If memory serves correct, the video was shot on a mild Fall day in 2002, at a large soundstage/warehouse in Minneapolis. There was an open invite for all Flipp fans to come down and be in the video. "337" and I headed down there and wound up spending most of an afternoon hanging out with about 50 - 100 die hard fans. Most of our time was spent sitting in this large room watching some Flipp concert video (and other stuff) and eating Doritos and drinking sodas that the band had provided. Every once in a while this guy would pop his head in there and tell us the filming was running behind schedule but to hang around if we could, for just a bit longer, and they would call us in to the video-shoot for our scene in the video soon.

A few hours passed and finally, we were all herded into the soundstage area and brought up on the huge stage they were using for the video. It looks small in the video but it was in fact quite large. We were all told to get up on the stage and to jump up and down and (I think) scream the lyrics "I Still Love Rock And Roll" while the band lip-synched in front of us for the cameras. I remember quite clearly the light-up "Rock And Roll" sign you see being smashed in the video, was already hanging, destroyed, behind us, so that scene had clearly already been filmed. They did a few takes of us all on stage with the band and then it was over. They thanked us for coming and then it was time to leave.

I remember waiting to see the video and when I finally did, being rather disappointed that they had chosen not to use any of the footage of the fans...after we'd waited around all afternoon to film it, it seems they had a change of heart about including the scene with us on stage. Oh, well, what are you gonna do? It was still a fun afternoon though, hanging out with one of the best rock bands ever to come out of the city of Minneapolis/St. Paul. And we got Doritos...and memories. - end (NYCDreamin)

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