Sunday, February 12, 2012

Flipp Video: Flipp Boot!

Artist: Flipp
Title: Boot! A Video Compilation
Released: (Unknown)

Cover Artwork
Boot! A Video Compilation Video Cover
(Image and video via G.L. Collection)

Track listing:
-Intro - Brynn Interview - My Generation (Music Video)
-Whatever (Saturday Morning TV Show) - Teenage Rampage (Live Concert Clip)
-Edgefest TV News Report - 1/2 Ton Cereal Drop
-MTV News Clip ("Hairy Mud Butt") - Kilo Interview
-MTV Contest "Warming Up The Zombie" - Tax Day Show
-Cereal Killers - Chia Interview (Via Satelite from Fargo, ND)
-Half A Brain (Music Video) - Coitus Interuptus -Useless Interview
-Vandalist/Flipp Out -The End/The Beginning

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