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10/31/02 Freaker's Ball @ Smirnoff Music Center, Dallas, TX

Freaker's Ball
/W/ Korn/ Disturbed/ Trust Company/ Blindside/ Flipp
@ Smirnoff Music Center, Dallas, TX

*Paul Hanna of Annex "secretly" filled in for an ill Brynn Arens.

From FlippCentral/Myspace:
"Brynn for A Day" - by Paul Hanna

"Ah, Yes I was Brynn for a day, it still seems like it happened yesturday......

I woke up after a night of bartending in Green Bay to a phone call from Kilo Bale. "Pauly, what's up? Do you have a gig on Halloween?"

I did at the time but i was very curious on just what he was getting at. "Hold on he said, I am going to have our manager call you."

Being the huge Flipp fan that I am, I knew that phone call was going to be from ex KISS manager, Bill AuCoin. Jumping around my kitchen, like a child on Christmas morning, I waited for the phone call. Phone rings. Bill and I talk about the details of the gigs and how is was to go down. "I need you to be my Tommy Thayer." Needless to say, I hopped into my car and headed to Minneapolis.

I have been a huge Flipp for awhile but the only song that I really had played was "Freak". I had covered it in my band, Annex, and also had played it with Flipp a couple times at a couple of thier shows. I had some work ahead of me. I arrived to Kilo's house and he could tell that I was very nervous. I brought my stuff into his house and we ended up going to get some beer at an open jam where Chia and Freaky were hanging out. I had a couple beers to take the edge off and we went back and crashed. I woke up the next day and went over to Freaky's house and learned a whole set on guitar. We had to practice the show that night because we had a show the next day and had to play in Dallas, TX the following day. Practice was a little rough but we got through with some great laughs and fun. I finally had the guitar that I have been listening to for so long with the Kustom amps and the Coyote ready to make my ears bleed.

The band and I drove up to Superior to play the show that night. No one wanted me to be seen at all for obvious reasons. Freaky tells me that I have to take my nose rings out so I cut them off and start putting on the war paint. As nervous as I was, I ended up putting the make up on backwards and had to start all over again. With my face done we were ready to go. Backstage was crazy. I was pacing back and forth thinking how the hell did I get here? I lit a Merrit 100 and walked out on the stage. "HELLO YOU CRAZY SICK FUCKERS!!!!!!!" The show went as planned and we went back to the room for a party.

I woke the next morning and heading to the airport for the show in Dallas. I had all day to go over lyrics and the second show went much smoother. I was to leave right away so no one could talk to me. I got back to the hotel and took a shower right away. When I came down the rest of the guys were signing cd's and shirts. Some poor fans out there have my version of Brynn's signature on thier stuff. Freaky and I got a good laugh out of that.

It happened so quick and it was done even faster. I will never forget the two shows that I did. I am so glad that it was me that got the phone call because now I have four great friends out of it.
Thanks so much guys!!!!

-Paul Hanna(ANNEX)

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