Saturday, March 3, 2012

Flipp Audio: 1997 Various Artists 'Operation We Care' CD

Title: Operation We Care

Various Artists including:
The Honeydogs/ G.B. Leighton/ Johnny Clueless/ The Steeles/ Honeywagon/ Mick Sterling/ The Billys/ Greazy Meal/ Rank Strangers/ Johnny Clueless/ Flipp/ Tina & the B-Side Movenemt/ Leep 27/ The Blanders/ David Streeby/ Jason Helder

Track #7: Flipp "All In My Head"

Label: OarFin Records

CD Booklet - front
Operation We Care Front (1997)

CD Tray Insert - back and side spines
Operation We Care Back

Operation We Care Disc
(Images via Grant Lindberg Collection)

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