Friday, June 22, 2012

Rare Flipp Items For Auction On Ebay Now Through June 28th, 2012

Flipp Logo Sticker (Red, Black, White)

Just a heads up to all you crazy sick fuckers out there - there is a pretty cool auction up on Ebay right now featuring the following lot of rare Flipp items:

1. Flipp - Volume poster - 24 inches X 18 inches
2. Flipp - I Still Love Rock-N-Roll promo record album
3. Flipp - Promo Flyer promoting a Brynn in-store appearance - 12 inches X 8 inches
4. Flipp - I Still Love Rock-N-Roll uncut sheet of tading cards - 7 inches x 5 inches
5. Flipp - I Still Love Rock-N-Roll trading cards
6. Flipp Sticker - black, red and white - 7 inches X 5 inches
7. Flipp Sticker - red, orange, yellow, and white - 7 inches X 5 inches
8. Flipp - Teenage Rampage promo post card promoting event - 5 inches x 4 inches
9. Flipp - Teenage Rampage uncut sheet of tading cards - 7 inches x 5 inches

According to the listing, all items are "new and in great shape and just waiting for you!" The current bid is up to $41.00. Lucky for you I'm going on vacation next week or I'd swoop in and buy all this coolness up my damn self!

The auction ends on Thursday, June 28th. You can check out the auction details (with photos) and place your bids by clicking HERE. Good luck!

Flipp Collectibles: 2003 Brynn Arens Samick Guitars Endorsement Poster & 11/08/03 Brynn Arens @ Kats Music, Osseo, MN (Flyer)

Brynn Arens - Samick Guitars Promo Poster02
(Image via Brynn Arens' Myspace)

Brynn Arens In-Store
@ Kats Music, Osseo, MN
11/08/?? Brynn Arens In Store @ Kats Music, Osseo, MN
(Image via NYCDreamin Archives)

Flipp Audio: 2002 'I Still Love Rock 'N' Roll' - Promotional 12" Vinyl

Artist: Flipp
Title: 'I Still Love Rock 'N' Roll"
Format: Promotional 12" Vinyl Single /w/ Gatefold Sleeve

Flipp - I Still Love Rock 'N' Roll (Vinyl - Front Cover)
(Images "borrowed" from Ebay")
Front Cover

Flipp - I Still Love Rock 'N' Roll (Vinyl - Gatefold)

Flipp - I Still Love Rock 'N' Roll (Vinyl - Back Cover)
Back Cover

Flipp Collectibles: 2002 'Volume' CD Promo Poster (18"X24")

2002 Flipp Volume 18"X24" Promo Poster
(Image via NYCDreamin Archives)

Flipp Collectibles: 1997 Kilo Bale Signature Series Zildjian Drumstick

Another cool and rare Flipp collectible courtesy "Krizzy." Thanks for sharing!
This time we have a cira 1997 Kilo Bale signature series Zildjian drumstick. Krizzy got this at the 07/24/97 Cheap Trick/Flipp show in Dewey Beach, DE.

1997 - Flipp (Kilo Bale Signature Drumstick02)

1997 - Flipp (Kilo Bale Signature Drumstick01)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Flipp Audio: 1997 "Peepshow" 2-Track Promo Cassette

Thanks to Flipp fan "Krizzy" for sending along the following images of this rare and cool 2-track promo cassette  - along with the following message:

"Just stumbled across this site. Love it. Here are some photos of a now well worn promo cassette that was handed out after the Flipp /Cheap Trick show in Dewey Beach, Delaware in 1997. Didn't see this mentioned anywhere. Hope the quality is okay. The sleeve of the cassette was always in my car back then. That's why it was so worn."

"Peepshow" 2-Track Promo Cassette (1997)
Track Listing: I Wish I Was A Plant/I Don't Care

  1997 Flipp 'Peepshow' Promo Cassette (front)

1997 Flipp 'Peepshow' Promo Cassette (reverse)
1997 Flipp 'Peepshow' Promo Cassette (side spine)

1997 Flipp 'Peepshow' Promo Cassette (Cassette)