Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Flipp Audio: 1997 "Peepshow" 2-Track Promo Cassette

Thanks to Flipp fan "Krizzy" for sending along the following images of this rare and cool 2-track promo cassette  - along with the following message:

"Just stumbled across this site. Love it. Here are some photos of a now well worn promo cassette that was handed out after the Flipp /Cheap Trick show in Dewey Beach, Delaware in 1997. Didn't see this mentioned anywhere. Hope the quality is okay. The sleeve of the cassette was always in my car back then. That's why it was so worn."

"Peepshow" 2-Track Promo Cassette (1997)
Track Listing: I Wish I Was A Plant/I Don't Care

  1997 Flipp 'Peepshow' Promo Cassette (front)

1997 Flipp 'Peepshow' Promo Cassette (reverse)
1997 Flipp 'Peepshow' Promo Cassette (side spine)

1997 Flipp 'Peepshow' Promo Cassette (Cassette)

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