Monday, September 24, 2012

Flipp Collectibles: Debut Album Cover Art T-Shirt

Flipp T-Shirt (Logo and 1st Album Artwork on Yellow)
(Image via NYCDreamin Archives)

A circa 1997 yellow t-shirt with cover artwork from Flipp's debut album.
I'm working on obtaining this one for my personal collection...

Saturday, September 8, 2012


1996 EdgeFest III T-Shirt (Front)
1996 EdgeFest 3 Tshirt
(Images via Derek Lundell Collection)

It's been a while since we've added images in any kind of quantity here, but thanks to an email a few weeks ago from Flipp fan Derek Lundell and some recent follow up, this morning we've added 22 new images like those seen here to several previously posted pages. Many thanks to Derek for the cool additions!

2000 93XFest (Ticket)
2000 93XFest Ticket

Here, for your browsing and viewing ease, we provide you (below) a handy "links list" to the pages that have been updated and what exactly has been added to each of them.

2003 Flipp @ 93XFest, Somerset, WI (Derek Lundell)02

1996 EdgeFest 3
-T-Shirt Image

1997 EdgeFest 4
-EdgeFest 4 Program Booket & Detail

1998 EdgeFest 5
-EdgeFest 5 Program Booklet & Detail

1999 EdgeFest 6
-EdgFest 6 Program Booklet & Detail
-Ticket Stub

2000 93XFest
-"Bigger Better!" Ad
-Ticket Stub
-Schedule Sheet

2001 93XFest
-Artist Pass

2002 93XFest

2003 93XFest
-Small promotional graphic
-3 Live Images

Flipp Collectors Cards - Series 7: 2003 "I Still Love Rock 'N' Roll" Promo Set

2003 Flipp Collectors Cards (Series 7)Front

Front (above) & Reverse (below). (Images via Derek Lundell Collection)

2003 Flipp Collectors Cards (Series 7)Reverse)