Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Hey all you C.S.F.'s - just a quick update for anyone who is wondering what we've been up to here lately.

I've decided to take this blog back to its original idea - that being that this was to be a place to archive memories/momentos/video/audio from the Flipp years 1995 - 2003 - and that is the format we have returned to here: ALL Flipp and ONLY Flipp.

If you've come here looking for current Oddfathers or Hairball updates, reviews, etc. -  you will no longer find that type of content here. But fret not - all Oddfathers/ Hairball/ etc content will now be posted over at my other (main) blog, www.ThisAintTheSummerOfLove.blogspot.com instead.

Thanks for reading -