Tuesday, July 2, 2013

06/03/98 Dan Cantrell Birthday Bash /w/ Flipp @ Pacific Club Live, Duluth, MN

Flipp - The Dan Cantrell Birthday Bash
@ The Pacific Club Live, Duluth, MN

06/03/98 Dan Cantrell B-Day Bash with Flipp @ The Pacific Club Live, Duluth, MN (Poster - Dan Cantrell Collection)
(Image via The Dan Cantrell Collection - used with kind permission)

Many thanks to Flipp fan Dan Cantrell for sharing this cool, super-rare poster from his birthday party back in June of 1998 - which he actually managed to get Flipp to play at and for also providing us with a few details from what must have been one of the coolest birthday parties ever!

"It was 1998. I asked Brynn if the band would be willing to come up and play my party. Brynn, being the cool shit that he is, said yes! We did a couple of radio phone interviews that he made extremely entertaining and those got the buzz out that something musically sweet was coming and from there it was drunken debauchery! The guys were suppose to be at Pachyderm Studios (in Cannon Falls, MN) the following morning to do some recording but they had to call and cancel. I think someone from the Flipp crew actually recorded the show."

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