Thursday, July 4, 2013

Flipp Collectibles: 03/28/97 The Album Network Rock Tune Up #164 Sampler CD

The Album Network "Rock Tune Up #164" Sampler CD (03/28/97)(Front Cover)
CD Booklet - Front Cover
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The Album Network "Rock Tune Up #164" Sampler CD (03/28/97)(Back Cover)
Back Cover

The Album Network "Rock Tune Up #164" Sampler CD (03/28/97)(CD)

I spotted this Flipp CD rarity on Ebay about a week ago and knew immediately I had to make it mine - it arrived in the mail yesterday!

The Album Network
Various Artists - Rock Tune Up #164 (03/28/97)

"Album Network" was a highly regarded radio industry trade magazine (now shuttered) which contained important information, music sales and air play charts for/about radio stations on a weekly basis. For a fee, individual record labels could include a track (or tracks) on each week's Album Network sampler CD (one copy was included with each magazine) giving radio industry people and DJs a sneak peek at upcoming releases they might be inclined to promote and/or add to their playlists. These CDs were strictly promotional items and were never available for sale at retail and were pressed in extremely limited numbers.

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