Thursday, February 27, 2014

Flipp Collectibles: Flipp Group Images/ Logo T-Shirt

...yeah, despite the lack of new content for seven months, we're still here and still on the lookout for cool memories of the Flipp years.

Here's a recent E-Bay listing for a size XL, black Flipp t-shirt, group images on the front...

  Flipp (Group Images-Logo)T-Shirt (Front)

...logo on the back. Seller is asking $25.00. I'd link the sale here but it ends in just over a day and therefore will likely be long over by the time you are reading this. So no link.

Flipp (Group Images-Logo) T-Shirt (Back)

And just like that - that's if for now! Hopefully it won't be another seven months until we post something here again. In the meantime, make sure you check out the Flipp/Facebook page - some pretty cool shit pops up on there from time to time that I'm not always at liberty to share here so that's probably the only place you'll see it.

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