Friday, April 17, 2015

??/??/95? Flipp @ The Cabooze, Minneapolis, MN

Hey you Crazy Sick Flippies - how's THIS for a new discovery?!?

Recently "unearthed" video of four songs from a very early (undated) Flipp show at The Cabooze in Minneapolis! Oh yeah, you read that right just now! Push "play" and crank it up loud!

Thanks to Don and as always Grant L. - guys like you make being a CSF fun even still after all these years and it always makes me wonder "what else is out there?" I know I used to see this one girl...she was at several shows. I talked to her a few times - she always had the camera and was shooting photos. I do not believe I've ever seen any of her photos anyplace! Hey chick with the camera - if you ever read this - let's see what you got! Flipp photos I mean!

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