Sunday, July 24, 2016

Flipp Audio Recordings: 1998 Various Artists "Lasting Memories" Alzheimers Association Benefit CD

(1998) Various Artists - "Lasting Memories" (Alzheimers Benefit CD)
(Images: The Grant Lindberg Collection)

Here we have an interesting item that surfaced recently. This is a 1998 Various Artists compilation that was released by "Angel Beach Records" and distributed by Snyder Drugstores. All proceeds from the sale of this release were to be directed to "families living and loving through Alzheimers Disease." Somehow, in a decision that might be considered by some to be in questionable taste, the Flipp track "Schizo Boy" was chosen to be included among the songs on this compilation.

(1998) Various Artists - "Lasting Memories" (Alzheimers Benefit CD)

(1998) Various Artists - "Lasting Memories" (Alzheimers Benefit CD)

Sunday, July 10, 2016

07/15/16 Flipp/ The GooDBarS/ Platypus @ The Red Carpet, St. Cloud, MN (Updated!)

07/15/16 Flipp/ The GooDBarS/ Platypus @ The Red Carpet, St. Cloud, MN (Ad)

Flipp / The GooDBarS/ Platypus
@ The Red Carpet, St. Cloud, MN
9:00pm - 21+ /w/ ID Only
Tickets on sale NOW! - $15.00 advance - Click HERE to purchase!


Brynn Arens / Cherry Forever/ Kilo Bale/ Mike Leonard

Unfortunately, Chia Karaoke was unable to make the show due to a prior commitment in Los Angeles. New guitarist Mike Leonard more than held his own, blending seamlessly into the band in his second show with them. And - in a very cool twist - bassist Freaky Useless WAS able to make it to the show after speeding in from playing a Hairball show someplace a bit earlier in the evening. He guested in on a few songs with the band nearing the end of their set and all five of the guys looked to be having a total blast on that stage. This was a first in Flipp history as Cherry and Freaky, the two bassists, had never actually shared the stage together prior to this.

07-15-16 Flipp @ The Red Carpet, St. Cloud, MN (Poster II)
Venue poster

Intro/ Clone Me/ I Still Love Rock and Roll/ All In My Head/ Freak/ Schizo Boy/ La De Da/ Come Unglued/ I Don't Care/ Hairdo/ Rockstar/ Zoom/ My Generation/ I Wish I Was A Planet/ Half A Brain/ Brynn's Back In Black/ Crazy Horses

We even found some brief video on the miracle that is Youtube!

07-15-16 Flipp @ The Red Carpet, St. Cloud, MN 00320
(Image: Bryan Kuntz - NYCDreamin Archives for Rock Steady Records and Flipp)

Flipp as they were on 07/15/16 - end of the show bow. Left to Right:
Cherry Forever/ Freaky useless/ Kilo Bale/ Mike Leonard/ Brynn Arens

We were so lucky to shoot an almost obscene number of photos at this show - 365 images in all! All you have to do to check them out is click HERE.

Keep up with all the latest breaking Flipp craziness on their Facebook page HERE.

Flipp Video: July 22, 1995 Flipp Live at the 400 Bar, Minneapolis, MN (DVD)

07/22/95 Flipp Live @ 400 Bar, Minneapolis, MN (Rock Steady Records DVD - Released: 07/01/16)

Artist: Flipp
Title: July 22, 1995 400 Bar Minneapolis, MN
Released: 07/01/16
Label: Rock Steady Records
Format: Limited Edition DVD (200 Pieces)
Price: $20.00

I Don't Care/ La De Da/ I Think She Thinks I'm Gay/ Come Unglued/ My Generation/ Hairdo/ Schizo Boy/ Psycho Babble/ Among My Souvenirs/ Let It Be/ Unreal/ Times of My Life/ Mosh

*This Limited Edition DVD was produced for Exclusive Release at the 07/01/16 Return of Flipp concert at First Avenue in Minneapolis. Some copies do remain and are to be made available online to fans shortly - details to come.

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