Sunday, February 12, 2017

Flipp Collectibles: "Flipp" Logo Sew-On Patch (1971)

Flipp Logo Sew-On Patch (circa 1971)
(Image via NYCDreamin Archives for Flipp and Rock Steady Records)

We came across this most assuredly nearly one-of-a-kind Flipp collectible on eBay recently. The price was a bit high at $10 plus a few more dollars for shipping - but we had to have it. This is a 3-color, embroidered cloth "Flipp" logo sew-on patch...from 1971. Yes, 1971. It came to us, still in the original manufacturers packaging (removed here for the photo). It was produced as part of a product line called "Talon Appliques" by the Donahue Sales Co. of NYC, NY and has a c.1971 stamped on the cardboard backing.

Our only question...what the hell was "Flipp" in 1971?!?

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