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Flipp Live EP Cereal CD (CD)
Flipp "Live EP Cereal CD" aka "Flipp Cereal Box EP" - 1996
(Image via NYCDReamin Archives)

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1995 Various Artists - 93.7 The Edge: MN Modern Rock - Pachyderm Sessions (CD)
*(Flipp/Half A Brain)

1995 Various Artists - Don't Go Home...Go Aiwa - MN Modern Rock The Pachyderm Sessions (CD)
*(Flipp/Half A Brain)

1996 Various Artists - '93.7 The Edge: Best of 1996' (CD)
*(Flipp/Hairdo - early version)

1996 Various Artists - Hollywood Records 'Totally Board' Sampler (CD)
*(Flipp/Half A Brain)

1996 Various Artists - 'Dressed To Kill: An Independant Tribute To Kiss" (CD)
*(Flipp/Love Gun)

1997 Flipp 'Flipp' (self-titled debut) (Advance Copy) (CD)

1997 Flipp 'Flipp' (self-titled debut) (CD)(CS)

1997 Various Artists - Hollywood Records BASE Sampler (CD)

1997 Flipp Fan Club Tapes
*Heat Miser/The Grinch Cassette Single

1997 Various Artists - Operation We Care CD
(Flipp/All In My Head)

1998 Flipp 'Live EP Cereal CD' aka 'Flipp Live EP Cereal Box" (CD)

1998 Flipp Fan Club Tapes
*I Don't Care/I Wish I Was A Planet (Casio-Tone 2000 Mix)

1998 Flipp Fan Club Tapes
*We're A Couple Of Misfits Cassette Single

1999 Flipp "Oh Yeah!" (Radio Edit) CD Single

1999 Flipp Fan Club Tape
*Merry Flippmas/Let's Have Sex

2000 Flipp 'Blow It Out Your Ass' (CD)

2000 Flipp 'Merry Flippmas/Little Drummer Boy' (CD-R)
*(Gift to friends and fans from the band - not an official release)

2000 Various Artists - 'The Science Of Sound' (CD)
*(Flipp/Whole World's Sick)

2002 Flipp 'Volume' (CD)

2002 Flipp 'Freak'(Short Version)/'Freak' (Long Version) Promo-Only CD Single

2002 Various Artists - Baker/Taylor Distrubotors Monthy Music Sampler Oct. 2002

2002 Flipp 'I Still Love Rock 'N' Roll' - 12" Vinyl Promo-Only Single

2004 Championship Snowboarding 2004 (PC Video Game) by ActiVision
* /w/ Music by Flipp

2005 Various Artists - 'Jetboys of Babylon - A Tribute To New York Dolls" (CD)
*(Flipp /w/ Steve Jones/Personality Crisis)

07/01/16 Flipp "July 22 1995 Live 400 Bar Minneapolis, MN" (DVD)
(Rock Steady Records Limited Edition Release)


1997 Movie: 'Chasing Amy' (VHS)(DVD)
*(Flipp/'I Don't Care' appears in this movie)

1999 Movie: 'Terror Firmer' (VHS)(DVD)
*(Flipp/'Wow' and the band also make appearance in this movie)

2003 Various Artists - 'Spectrum: Minnesota Soundtracks' DVD
*(Flipp - "I Still Love Rock 'N' Roll')
2009 Flipp "Live at EdgeFest 1997" (Mail order only)(DVD)